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Conservative Girl:  Finding Our Voice

Check out our ongoing coverage of the Zimmerman trial here



Are we becoming a police state?  An examination of police departments as a microcosm of the bigger problem.  

Florida prosecutor indicted for falsifying arrest warrant against Zimmerman. 

Should the Zimmerman defense move for a directed verdict? 

Should Paula Deen really be condemned for private statements she made years ago?

Follow the prosecution's case in the Zimmerman trial as they try to prove Zimmerman's 'evil design'.

Work smart, not hard:  What it really means. 

Coming Soon:

Who really personifies the Tea Party movement?  Has Rubio abandoned the cause?

Why is Rand Paul receiving such bad media for standing up for what he believes in? 






(1) Rand Paul

(2) Marco Rubio

(3) Ted Cruz



(1) Prison Reform

(2) Gun Rights

(3) 2016 Possibilities 

(4) Judicial Reform

(5) Obamacare

(6) Police Reform 


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